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  • Fixed exchange-rate system - Wikipedia
    A fixed exchange-rate system can also be used to control the behavior of a currency, such as by limiting rates of inflation However, in doing so, the pegged currency is then controlled by its reference value
  • List of countries by exchange rate regime - Wikipedia
    Foreign exchange; Exchange rates; Currency band; Exchange rate; Exchange-rate regime; Exchange-rate flexibility; Dollarization; Fixed exchange rate; Floating exchange rate
  • Exchange rate - Wikipedia
    3 According to the international exchange rate regime (1)fixed exchange rate: It means that the exchange rate between a country’s currency and another country's currency is basically fixed, and the fluctuation of exchange rate is very small
  • Talk:Fixed exchange-rate system - Wikipedia
    I propose that Fixed exchange rate be merged into Fixed exchange-rate system These obviously cover the same topic and the more approachable article at the former would be a great addition to this article which is rather complex comparatively
  • Linked exchange rate system in Hong Kong - Wikipedia
    It is the exchange rate system implemented in Hong Kong by Honorary Vice-President at the University of Hong Kong, Professor Y C Jao, to stabilise the exchange rate between the Hong Kong dollar (HKD) and the United States dollar (USD)
  • Fixed exchange-rate system | Wiki | Everipedia
    Fixed exchange-rate system's wiki: A fixed exchange rate , sometimes called a pegged exchange rate , is a type of exchange rate regime where a currency's value is fixed against either the value of another single currency, to a basket of other currencies, or to another measu
  • Exchange-rate flexibility - Wikipedia
    A fixed peg system fixes the exchange rate against a single currency or a currency basket The time inconsistency problem is reduced through commitment to a verifiable target The time inconsistency problem is reduced through commitment to a verifiable target
  • Exchange-rate regime - Wikipedia
    Exchange-rate regime An exchange-rate regime is the way an authority manages its currency in relation to other currencies and the foreign exchange market It is closely related to monetary policy and the two are generally dependent on many of the same factors

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